Winnipeg Cowry’s Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Winnipeg Cowry’s Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Most of us will agree that kitchen cabinets can be the backbone and the game changer for a kitchen renovation project. It also happens to be the part that requires the most attention on our part. Your kitchen cabinet installation can go either way- it can either be a pricey affair or a reasonable one, based on the style and materials you decide on. Then comes choosing the type of kitchen cabinets you would like, followed by the most important question- storage. After all, barring aesthetics, the purpose of kitchen cabinets is to do away with clutter as much as possible and keep your kitchen  clean and tidy.

We, at Winnipeg Cowry, take pride in our extensive collection of kitchen cabinets available at affordable prices in and around Winnipeg. We have catalogs that run for miles, and we leave ample room for customization. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we go the extra mile for that.

Base Kitchen Cabinets

If you decide on base kitchen cabinets while setting the footprint of your home’s kitchen design, they will be positioned directly on your floor, supporting the countertop from below once it has been laid atop the base cabinets. Feel free to install the sink within the same cabinets, along with appliances like dishwashers. Highly versatile in nature, base kitchen cabinets include pull-outs, drawers, lazy susans, shelved cabinets, and more such modern and trendy options.

If you think about it, it is not quite possible to have a kitchen without base cabinets for your countertop to stand on. So, not only are they absolutely necessary and do well to define the layout or the floor plan of the kitchen, but they also serve aesthetic and storage-centric purposes. Be it crockery or cutlery, appliances or utensils, or a whole gamut of other items, base cabinets should be your go-to storage option.

Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Tall kitchen cabinets are often termed as pantry or utility cabinets. They can either extend from the floor to the ceiling, or they can be free-standing pieces, depending on your preferred style and storage priority. They serve tons of functional purposes, so bid adieu to the days of lacking storage space. Tall cabinets are great to organize your unmanageable items in. This way you always have them on hand. With our help, you can even squeeze in a microwave there!

Be it bulk food supplies like flour, sauces, cereals, pickles, sugar, and similar items, or appliances such as ovens and microwaves, tall kitchen cabinets are always an attractive addition to kitchens!

Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Just like the name suggests, wall kitchen cabinets are typically mounted on walls with the help of utility screws. They can prove to be the most attractive and decorative aspect of your modern, remodeled kitchen, given they are executed with precision. They can be extended till the ceiling to store items that are rarely used. You can use it to store your food items, kitchen accessories, and appliances that are considerably light.

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen and throwing in some stellar kitchen cabinets? Reach out to us today to get the most affordable quotes!


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