When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, deciding whether to reface or replace cabinets can be tricky. When it comes to a complete kitchen overhaul, replacing cabinets is the right option. But often homeowners choose refacing and later realize it would have been better to replace the cabinets. It is similar to how an old car requires constant repairs. When vehicles get old or damaged, it makes more economic sense to invest in a new car rather than continuing to make repairs. Likewise, when cabinets get old and worn out, repairing or refacing isn’t the best option. Whether your kitchen cabinets have started showing signs of aging or they no longer suit your storage needs, replacing old cabinets is a perfect choice.

The decision of replacing kitchen cabinets should not be made on the spur of the moment. As a central component of your kitchen, cabinets play a crucial role in enhancing the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. A lot of planning and preparation goes into choosing the right type of cabinets because people don’t replace cabinets frequently. When replacing cabinets, you need to think beyond the aesthetics. Cabinets aren’t just boxes with doors and fancy hardware. Skillfully crafted cabinets help in making your kitchen organized and solve issues such as insufficient storage space and inconvenient layouts. With that in mind, here are some reasons to replace your existing kitchen cabinets.

Damage beyond Repair

If the structure of your cabinet is severely damaged, refacing won’t solve the problem. You need to carefully inspect the interior of your cabinets to check signs of damage. If the frame is rotted or covered with mold, it is possibly because of water damage. Moisture could swell the wooden cabinets and prevent them from properly opening or closing. It could also cause dark spots on the frame and make your cabinets look unsightly. So, whether there’s mold, water damage, or pests have chewed the wood, repairing the cabinets will provide short-term relief. Installing new kitchen cabinets is the best option if the wood has begun to warp, cabinets bubbling, peeling laminate, mold growth, or dark spots. Cabinets in the kitchen get exposed to steam and water which causes water damage. At the time of installing new cabinets, make sure to fix the leaks and other sources of water damage.

Lack Kitchen Storage Space

If your countertops are cluttered and you find it difficult to store your stuff, it is because you don’t have enough storage space. You can hire an experienced kitchen cabinet contractor to find the best possible solution for increasing your storage space. Qualified kitchen contractors can craft custom cabinetry that utilizes every corner and inch of space to maximize storage area. The custom kitchen cabinets are designed by taking accurate measurements of your kitchen that helps in ensuring that no space is wasted. When you have more space to store spices and cookware, your countertop will not be cluttered and it becomes easier to cook. You can also add spice racks and space for appliances like an oven, coffee maker, or toaster. When you get more storage space, your kitchen will look more attractive and organized.

Poor Kitchen Layout

If you’re satisfied with the layout and storage space of your kitchen, then refacing can work for you. However, if you’re planning to change the layout of your kitchen, you will need to replace cabinets. Refacing cabinets only allow changing the doors while the cabinet boxes remain in place. So, if your kitchen remodel project involves changing walls or revamping the entire layout, you will need new cabinetry. Whether you have a poor layout or you’re unhappy with the overall function of your cabinets, cabinet replacement is a viable solution. The inappropriate layout can cause difficulty in opening drawers or cabinets doors may slam into one another while opening. All these issues can be resolved by designing custom cabinets from scratch. Whether you want pull-out drawers or rotating shelves, customization allows you to create your dream kitchen.

Increase Your Property Value

Sometimes, homeowners want to change the entire look of their space while sometimes they are unhappy with the material of their cabinets. Another reason for replacing old cabinetry is to increase the value of your property. If the original kitchen cabinets have been damaged or are made of low-quality material, replacing them can help in increasing the resale value of your home.

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