Top 3 Materials for Your Bathroom Vanity

Do you know an average person consumes approximately 182 hours in their bathroom annually? That is a considerable amount of time. This is because the bath areas are now not only restricted to just bath and grooming like earlier; they are now a place to relax, chill, have spas, do makeup and your daily skincare routine. The requirements of the shower rooms have changed and so do their look. Previously, bathrooms were just considered a small corner in the house without giving much importance to their appearance and comfort. It’s the modern era; of course, the restrooms should be comfortable and convenient to use. They must serve the necessary functions and have enough space. It isn’t easy to store a lot of lavatory utilities—that’s when bathroom vanities come into the rescue. Vanities are the bathroom cabinets topped with a sink.

  • Both cabinets and vanities provide extra storage and give a minimal look to the room without much on display so that the area seems clean and mess-free.
  • Moreover, it hides and conceals exposed plumbing to keep things neat.
  • A wonderful vanity will provide you with a comfortable spot for storing items and securing a great sink.
  • They define the overall look of the bathroom.
  • You can even decorate your vanity area and outer cabinet shelves with decent items like small plants, showpieces or keep some magazines to make the place appear very aesthetic.
  • These cabinets and storage areas are very long-lasting and a good investment.


When you’re remodelling a large or small bathroom while still making it functional, you need to know about various materials for bathroom vanities and cabinets to get a proper storage space as per the requirements. You can get custom made vanities from trusted bathroom vanity retailers.

 Here are the top 3 materials for vanity models that are practical to use and complement your washroom as well. 

Marble Vanity

Marble vanities are the latest trend in vanities. They add luxury charm to the bath area. Due to its look, it appears very expensive even if it’s not. Marble adds a smooth and cool surface that is solid to handle enough weight.

Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid permanent marks as it’s very easy to spot stains on the material. Marble is easy to clean and require less effort to maintain

Wooden Vanities 

Wood is the most preferred material in households when it comes to vanities. Solid wood is a lot stronger and durable than particle and MDF boards. They do not require much care and maintenance cost, unlike other materials. If you purchase high-quality wooden vanities from your sanitary store dealer, they will not swell by coming in contact with liquids like water. Solid wood doesn’t even go under chemical reactions. Other materials tend to bend and sag easily, whereas you do not have to worry about wood. They look very polished and are fancy. Wood lasts for generations and never goes out of style. Moreover, you can redesign it in the future.

Solid plywood is also a great option to consider if you do not want to try wood material.


Laminates are also a popular choice for vanities as it offers a wide range of designs and patterns. They feature a smooth surface and texture due to the number of paper sheets affixed with adhesive on a rigid, durable board. These boards can be painted in a variety of ways. The only precaution to keep in mind is to watch out from scratch.

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