Five Wise Tips to Design Your Family Kitchen

The kitchen is interesting yet the most complicated area of the house to design. This space has a specific motive to fulfill and calls for a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics to look valuable. After all, it is the heart of your social interactions and family dinners.

Fortunately, when it comes to building or renovating your kitchen, there is a great degree of flexibility that you can take advantage of in terms of appliances, pieces of furniture, and electrical and plumbing. This is especially so when you are constructing a custom home or opting for a full kitchen remodel.

However, your scale of planning and extent of creativity will be governed by everyone using the cooking kitchen. If you live solo or with just your spouse, the requirements are different, but with young kids, you will need to think of an adaptable place where their demands can be met (as they grow old).

So, make sure you spend enough time researching and getting the right contractors on board. Also, take guidance from the below-mentioned tips to curate a kitchen that you and your family love for years to come –

  1. Start with the Layout

Layout designing is the primary step in the development of any kitchen. You have to be clear on the type of environment you want in your kitchen. If you want the area to be child-free, a U-shaped is an ideal choice as one side remains closed. For a more interactive space, an open-plan arrangement with an island works better.

  1. Have Dedicated Areas

The placement of countertops, household appliances, and cabinetry has to be decided considering in mind the work triangle system including the sink (for preparing and washing), stove (for cooking) and refrigerator (for storage). In case other members love to cook or help with kitchen chores, make a safe and comfortable area for them too. Everyone must know where to cook, eat, wash dishes, etc.

  1. Decide the Island’s Function

An island is a multi-purpose item to buy for your kitchen. It can be installed with seating so you have a place to eat and your kids have a comfortable table to finish their daily homework.  You can also convert it entirely into your cooking nook (for an open floor plan). A gas stove with a sink is all you need, and you no more have to miss the entertaining Netflix series your family is watching in the living room.

  1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

To avoid the discomfort of food and body odor that usually lingers around the kitchen when it becomes overcrowded, you better make fresh air circulation arrangements. For that, you have to keep sufficient distance between each item placed in the area, open kitchen windows often, and use air vents and chimneys regularly.

  1. Add Storage Space

With a big family comes the need for more storage. So, those extra drawers and shelves are always good to have to keep the rest of the kitchen mess-free. Custom kitchen cabinets are spacious and provide better style and storage capacity. You can put your groceries items, dishwasher, and much more, thereby utilizing every square inch of the area productively.

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