Different Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

You have probably seen cabinets outside your house that you would love to have in your own kitchen. However, before you make the huge decision to install new cabinets, make sure you understand the many types of cabinets, all of which are lovely options.


  1. Shaker 

Today’s most popular cabinet style is the Shaker. The Shaker style is composed of five flat-panel components that form a four-section frame and a single flat center panel as the fifth piece. This is a popular style because of the simple and classic appearance it adds to either traditional or contemporary designs.


  1. Louvered

Louvered kitchen cabinets are expensive and come with horizontal wooden slats. Louvered cabinets, which are often found on windows, furnishings, and interior doors, offer a distinct character to kitchen cabinetry.

Because most louvered doors contain openings between each slat, they are ideal for places that demand ventilation.


  1. Slab or Flat-Panel

Flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors, often known as “slab” cabinet doors, are basic but attractive. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet style has clean lines and a minimalist appearance, with no pricey details. The simple flat-panel cabinet’s appearance makes it suitable for both contemporary and modern kitchens. 

Flat-panel cabinets can be constructed in a variety of styles. The slab doors lack frames, which is a frequent feature of this design. As the name implies, they are essentially solid slabs.


  1. Inset

Inset-style cabinets, as the name implies, are constructed composed of an inset door set inside the cabinet frame rather than outside the frame as traditional cabinet doors are. Each door is designed and made with extremely accurate measurements to ensure that the wood fits inside the frame and opens and closes properly.

Keep in mind that this cabinetry type typically necessitates exposed hinges rather than the customary concealed hinges found on many other cabinet door layouts. This can quickly add up in your budget since, unlike concealed hinges, which are included in the cost of the cabinet box, inset cabinets require the purchase of two hinges per door.


  1. Distressed

Do you want an antique-style kitchen? If so, you should probably opt for distressed cabinets and drawers. Distressed-looking cabinets, which are available from most manufacturers, can come in any door style with the corners rubbed off and other distressing processes used to produce an aged impression.


  1. Beadboard

Beadboard cabinetry, which is made of rows of vertical planks with depression or ridges known as “beads” between each blank, provides a more dynamic look than other styles, such as flat kitchen cupboards. The look of the beads adds texture to this style cabinet door, making it ideal for a country farmhouse or cottage-style kitchen.

If all-white beadboard cabinets look wonderful for your cottage-style kitchen, keep in mind that the gaps and crevasses in this type can be difficult to clean and maintain.


  1. Thermoplastic foil

Medium-density fiberboard is used to make thermofoil kitchen cabinets (MDF). This style door is then encased in a form of plastic covering and baked at high temperatures to seal it. The procedure results in long-lasting and cost-effective kitchen cabinetry. Typically, mass-produced thermofoil cabinets are only available in solid colors and are made to seem like wood. However, these cabinets are also reasonably priced.

While thermofoil kitchen cabinets are easy to clean, low maintenance, and resistant to moisture, they have poor heat resistance. This means you should not put them near a heat source, such as your oven. If you do this, the laminate may become separated from the veneer cover.


  1. Customized

If you can not locate a kitchen cabinet door style that works nicely in your kitchen in stores, bespoke cabinets are the solution. You can develop your own personalized kitchen cabinet design by contacting a local designer or services


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