Basics of Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Cabinets: A Winnipeg Cowry Guide

Basics of Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Cabinets: A Winnipeg Cowry Guide

Widely considered as the most impactful part of bathroom renovation, bathroom cabinets can be a hard choice to pick. Going through a mile-long list of bathroom cabinets options can be daunting, to say the least- especially given the financial resources they will cost you. You will find yourself choosing among unassembled and finished cabinets, stock and custom cabinets, contemporary and country cabinets, or maple and cherry cabinets.

We, at Winnipeg Cowry, like helping out those in need of some quality bathroom cabinets. From design and height to color and storage purpose, we let you decide everything and leave the final product to us. We have a robust experience and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. But before you reach out to us, here are the things you must consider before getting yourself some stellar bathroom cabinets in Winnipeg:

Consider Your Layout

Whether you plan to start from scratch or simply remodel your bathroom decor with pre-set parameters, deciding on a layout has to come early in the whole process. Trying to renovate your bathroom within a set budget? It is best to work with the existing water, plumping, and electrical features in your bathroom to minimize the overall scale of the project. But if you happen to have a generous budget, consider reconfiguring the existing features to something more akin to your lifestyle.

Take time to reflect on the way you plan to utilize your bathroom, along with what features you want to consider it a satisfying expenditure. Want to apply your makeup and go through your skincare routine at your ensuite vanity? Throw in a built-in vanity table in between double sinks or even in the corner of the bathroom. Trying to pick cabinets for a shared children’s bathroom? Consider cabinetry with a lot of out-of-sight storage to remove visual clutter as much as you can.

Be Mindful of Space

Right after considering the layout, think of the length, width, and height of your bathroom space. Dimensions have always been critical in the bathroom renovation sphere, and more so for cabinet installation. While measuring, do not forget to take the location of the doors into account, along with the placement of your electrical and water fixtures between plumbing fixtures and the cabinetry, and the location of your vanity mirrors.

Note that the standard vanity height in bathrooms is typically around 31 inches, with a depth of 17 to 24 inches, but cabinet width can vary depending on the kind of bathroom and the variety of storage you want in that space. A double-vanity of 48 to 60+ inches will be best for a primary ensuite. If you want to include cabinets in your small guest bathrooms or pint-sized powder rooms, consider modest single-sink cabinets of 24 to 36 inches.

Find Your Style

This is where the fun begins. Let your Pinterest board lead your way, and consider the architectural blueprint of your home to see which ones match your vision, given the space afforded to you. Will it be shaker-style cabinetry painted in classic white or rugged wood finishes? You might be making the best choice for a traditional or a transitional bathroom! Pack ample oomph and panache into your new mid-century ensuite with walnut finishes, splayed feet, flat panel doors, and dialed up color schemes.

If you would rather go with a coastal finish or a modern farmhouse design, consider weathered white oak cabinetry with some snowy shite marble counters to change things while still in a theme.

Looking for a bathroom cabinetry solution in Winnipeg? Reach out to us at Winnipeg Cowry today!


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