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Choose Winnipeg Cowry Cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project to stay within budget and complete your project in less time. With sinks and faucets at less than retail cost and numerous kitchen cabinet options in Winnipeg set to arrive for installation just one week after you place the order, you can complete your kitchen renovation in Winnipeg in less time and be ready to enjoy your new home. Builders and designers will impress their customers with quality products at affordable prices while finishing the job ahead of schedule and within budget.

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How We Work

On Budget On Time

When you order bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets in Winnipeg, you want them to be within budget and received on time so you don’t have an unusable room for an extended period.

Exceptional Customer Service

Winnipeg Cowry Cabinets has been in business since 2006, and we pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to all of our clients.

Affordable Cabinets Winnipeg

For Winnipeg Cowry Cabinets, we manufacture the kitchen cabinets we sell rather than sub contracting to other manufacture, that’s why we are able to supply our cabinets in a very high standard quality and affordable price.

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